Different Types Of Aliens

Alien Type #1- The Greys

The Greys dominate most abductions, or so that is said. The have greyish-dark blue skin, long arms and legs and long fingers on the hands. Also the most widely know trait of the greys is there big heads, the look to big to be supported by their bodies. Also the part most remembered of most abductions is there big, black, insect-like eyes. they have no whites what so ever, and no visible pupil, unless the black is the pupil it'self, which would explain why they aren't usually seen in the day. They speak to eachother by means of mental-telepathy. Which would explain why there mouths never move and have become little more than a slit in there head. Also it is a popular belief that they very much do not like the color of mustard yellow. Which is a good thing to know if you don't want to be abducted. The Greys have no emotions at all and are said to be abducting people to make a hybrid with their intelligence and our emotions. Greys are about 3-5 feet tall.

Alien Type #2- The Leader Greys

The Leader Greys are said to be like the greys in appearance only the are much taller, sometimes said to be up to 7 feet high. The leader greys do not help in any opperations or studies of humans, they watch on and direct the greys, that is why they are called the leader greys. The leader greys are also watching when the greys come to get you and bring you where ever they take you when you're abducted.

Alien Type #3- The Reptiles

The Reptiles Are thought to be The most dangerous of all aliens, they are about 7 feet tall, are covered in scales have sharp teeth and claws, and have one emotion- anger. These aliens are very, VERY dangerous, if you see one, avoid them at all costs. In one abduction case, a man was abducted by a group of reptiles, he was beemed up like with greys but, when he got in, it was more horrifying then the greys could be. First One of the reptiles tried to knock him out by slamming his head into the wall of the craft then it slashed a 4 inch cut into his chest with one of it's claws. Next they put him on a table and took what looked like a probe with a sharp end and stabed it into his chest. then the wire at the end of the probe lit up and it started electrocuting him! Then after about a half hour of it, the ship lowered to about 10 feet off the ground and they dropped him out! they didn't even heal his wounds the gave him. He lied there until the next morning until a farmhand from the farm that he was at found him. he was taken to the hospital. The tests showed he had multiple burns, a 4 inch slash in his chest, a knife wound that just missed his heart (or so the doctors thought it was a knife) and a broken leg. Sadly to say, the man didn't survive, his wounds were to infected. That is why you must stay away from the reptiles if you value your life.

Alien Type #4- The Nordics

The nordics look almost completely like humans in every way, only they only have one hair color- blond. They are also extremely peaceful. you have no reason to fear them at all. If you are abducted, they will only talk with you and not anything else they have even offered some people food. They only race they are know to not be peaceful to is the greys and repiles, mainly because the hurt and terrorize primitive cultures(us) they will also defend us. In one case a person was about to be abducted by a group of greys when a nordic ship de-cloaked (became visible) a small group of nordics came out and killed the greys, then blew up there ship. The nordics are said to be so nice twards us mainly because they are peaceful and they are also said to be highly evolved humans who left earth centuries ago.

Alien Type #5 Bigfoot and the robots

I put these two together in a type mainly because they serve the same purpouse to the greys. They both cary supplies for the greys. both should be considered dangerous to humans, although some bigfoot, usualy females have not harmed humans, sometimes even helped them. The robots on the other hand will kill humans on site and don't have to visually see you to know you are there, that's why there aren't too many reported cases of them, as the people who saw them are killed and brought to the greys for proccesing. Then a clone is made that knows everything that the original person knew, and is used as a spy to watch people around it. The bigfoot do nothing more then carry suplies for the greys. The bigfoot are a hyprid of humans and some sort of monkey species. the robots are also used to colonize worlds, as they don't breath so running out of an air supply while on the surface is not a problem. All in All it is advised that you avoid both bigfoots and robots.